Alissa D. Smethers

Research Associate


Research Associate, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences, Pennsylvania State University
M.S., R.D., Nutrition, Marywood University

Laboratory Of

Dr. Julie Mennella

Research Summary

Prior to coming to Monell, I conducted a series of controlled feeding studies testing how environmental factors, particularly portion size and energy density, and individual differences influence preschool children’s energy intake over time. At Monell, my research builds on my dissertation work, but shifts the focus to looking at both children and their mothers as a dyad, sweet taste phenotypes, and new measures of dietary habits that incorporate what people like to eat.


sweet taste, psychophysics, nutrition, eating behavior, children

Representative Publications

Trabulsi J, Smethers A, Esso J, Papas M, Stallings V, Mennella J. (2020) Impact of early rapid weight gain on odds for overweight at one year differs between breastfed and formula-fed infants. Pediatric Obesity, 15:e12688.

Zuraikat FM, Smethers AD, Rolls BJ. (2019) Potential moderators of the portion size effect. Physiology & Behavior, 204:191-198.

Smethers AD, Roe LS, Sanchez CE, Zuraikat FM, Keller KL, Rolls BJ. (2019) Both increases and decreases in energy density lead to sustained changes in preschool children’s energy intake over 5 days. Physiology & Behavior, 204:210-218.

Smethers AD, Keller KL, Kling SMR, Roe LS, Sanchez CE, Zuraikat, FM, Rolls BJ. (2019) Portion size has sustained effects over 5 days in preschool children: a randomized trial. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 109, 1361–1372.

Zuraikat FM, Roe LS, Smethers AD, Rolls, BJ. (2018) Provision of a to-go container attenuates the portion size effect in women. Appetite, 129, 162-170.

Zuraikat FM, Roe LS, Smethers AD, Reihart LW, Rolls, BJ. (2018) Does the cost of a meal influence the portion size effect? Appetite, 127, 341-348.

Smethers AD, Rolls BJ. (2018) Dietary Management of Obesity: Cornerstones of Healthy Eating Patterns. Medical Clinics of North America, 102, 107-124.

Alissa Smethers

Contact Information

(267) 519-4881