Anosmia News from Monell: Anosmia Focus Groups and More!

  • Has Losing Your Sense of Smell Impacted What You Eat? Join our anosmia focus groups to help us better understand how losing your sense of smell has impacted your food preferences.
  • New Role for Insulin? Monell scientists show that insulin is critical for the maturation of olfactory neurons.
  • Putting Smell on the Map. Monellians went to the Philadelphia Flower Show to help educate about the sense of smell.
  • #SavetheDate September 14, 2021 is the first Global Smell and Taste Day!
  • Smell Yeah! Check out this smell-related podcast. Monell’s Dr. Pam Dalton is featured in the second episode.
  • Help Us Make History! Consider a contribution towards smell loss research by June 30th.

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