Beverly Cowart



Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology (Research), Thomas Jefferson University


Ph.D., Psychology; The George Washington University

Research Summary

For most of my scientific career, the overall goal of my research program was to understand chemosensory dysfunction as a disease entity, develop appropriate clinical measures of chemosensory function, identify etiologies of dysfunction, and investigate such issues as the impact of chemosensory dysfunctions on patients, the demographic characteristics of individuals with chemosensory dysfunctions, and the prognoses for chemosensory dysfunctions. This work has naturally fed into and helps to support Monell’s current Anosmia Research and Awareness Initiative. Most recently, I have also become involved in studies of the protective role of extra-oral taste receptors in nasal-sinus disease.


smell, taste, chemical irritation, psychophysics, aging, taste & smell disorders, anosmia

Representative Publications

Li, C., Jiang, J., Kim, K., Oto, B.A., Farag, A.A., Cowart, B.J., Pribitkin, E.A., Dalton, P., Zhao, K. Nasal structural and aerodynamic features that may benefit normal olfactory sensitivity. Chemical Senses, 2018, 43(4):229-237.

Workman, A.D., Maina, I.W., Brooks, S.G., Kohanski, M.A., Cowart, B.J., Mansfield, C., Kennedy, D.W., Palmer, J.N., Adappa, N.D., Reed, D.R., Lee, R.J., Cohen, N.A. The role of quinine-responsive T2Rs in airway immune defense and chronic rhinosinusitis. Frontiers in Immunology – Inflammation, 2018, Mar 28;9:624. PMCID:PMC5882797.

Douglas, J. E., Mansfield, C. J., Arayata, C. J., Cowart, B. J., Colquitt, L. R., Maina, I. W., Blasetti, M. T., Cohen, N. A., Reed, D. R. Taste Exam: A Brief and Validated Test. Journal of Visual Experiments (138), e56705, doi:10.3791/56705 (2018).

Douglas, J.E., Lin, C., Mansfield, C., Arayata, C.J., Cowart, B.J., Spielman, A., Adappa, N., Palmer, J, Cohen, N.A., Reed, D.R. Tissue-dependent expression of bitter receptor TAS2R38 mRNA, Chemical Senses, 2019, 44(1):33-40.

Lin, C., Civantos, A.M., Arnold, M., Stevens, E.M., Cowart, B.J., Colquitt, L.R., Mansfield, C., Kennedy, D.W., Brooks, S.G., Workman, A.D., Blasetti, M.T., Kohanski, M.A., Doghramji, L., Douglas, J.E., Maina, I.W., Palmer, J.N., Adappa, N.D., Reed, D.R., Cohen, N.A. Divergent bitter and sweet taste perception intensity in chronic rhinosinusitis patients. International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology, 2020, 00:1-2 (Epub).

Beverly Cowart

Contact Information

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