Boston Globe: How Taste and Smell Work (and Why You Really Don’t Want COVID-19 to Take These Senses Away)

The same way eyesight, hearing, and physical strength vary among us, so does the ability to taste and smell. These senses, precious not just for eating but enjoying other facets of life, are some of the many wonders of the human body. And as many people now know from personal experience, COVID-19 can dull these senses. For some, the loss is temporary. For others, the loss lasts much longer.

“Some people are losing their sense of taste and smell with COVID and not getting it back, or their taste is distorted,” says Dr. Danielle Reed, associate director of the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. While it’s not uncommon to lose one’s sense of taste and smell with certain viruses, chemotherapy, surgery, and accidents, she says, “What’s different now is that over a million people are going to be left permanently with a sense of taste and smell that doesn’t recover.”

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