Carol M. Christensen

Alumnus Faculty


Alumnus Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center
Consultant to the Director, Monell Chemical Senses Center

Research Summary

My early scientific career at Monell centered on food texture perception and the role of salivary flow and composition in human oral sensation. A main focus of my food texture research was understanding oral perception of solution viscosity along with comparisons to visual and tactile perception of solution viscosity. In collaboration with colleagues at the Penn Dental School, I examined not only how salivary flow and composition affected taste perception but also participated in the development of reliable and valid measures of salivary flow and diagnosis of salivary hypofunction. This research brought me in touch with the many patients who suffer from severe loss of salivary function.

When I returned to the Monell Center more than 20 years later after a career in industry, I was administratively involved in research. A major responsibility was to create funded research partnerships between our industry partners and Monell scientists and secondarily to do the same with foundations that supported research. In that role I have had opportunities to contribute to research design and interpretation.


taste, mouthfeel, texture perception, salivary flow, salivary composition

Representative Publications

Erik Schwiebert, Yi Wang, Ranhui Xi, Katarzyna Choma, John Streiff, Linda J. Flammer, Natasha Rivers, Mehmet Hakan Ozdener, Robert F. Margolskee, Carol M. Christensen, Nancy E. Rawson, Peihua Jiang and Paul A. S. Breslin (2021). 6-Methylflavone blocks bitterness of tenofovir. Molecular Pharmacology 99 (5) 319-327;

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