Colloquium 2019 Presentations

Spring Colloquium 2019 Presentations

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Thursday Session: The Future of Taste and Flavor
Global Taste: An Around-the-World Taste Adventure – Danielle Reed, PhD, Associate Director and Member, Monell
Multisensory Processing of Food Flavor: Behavioral Markers and Neural Correlates – Johan Lundström, PhD, Associate Member, Monell
Getting to More Predictive Bioassays for Human Taste – Erik Schwiebert, PhD, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer, Discovery BioMed
Extraoral Taste Receptors: Function in Health and Well-Being – Marco Tizzano, PhD, Assistant Member, Monell
Commercial Perspective & Discussion
Discussant: Dr. Harish Radhakrishna is a cell biologist with expertise in receptor signaling, taste modulation, and sensory science. He has worked in academia, at the NIH and Georgia Tech, as well as in the food industry, at the Coca-Cola Company and Chromocell Corporation. He has focused on taste biology and taste modulation over the past thirteen years.

Friday Session: The Future of Fragrance and Aroma
Global Smell: An Around-the-World Olfactory Adventure – Joel Mainland, PhD, Associate Member, Monell
From the “What” to the “Where” in the Human Olfactory System – Jay Gottfried, MD, PhD, Arthur H. Rubenstein University Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Metabolic Regulation of Olfaction – Dolly Al-Koborssy, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Monell
Biosensors for Volatiles: Capabilities, Limitations, and Future Opportunities – A.T. Charlie Johnson, PhD, Director, Penn Nano/Bio Interface Center, Professor Physics & Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania
Commercial Perspective Discussion
Discussant: Dr. Michelle Murphy Niedziela is a behavioral neuroscience expert in neuropsychology, psychology and consumer science. She has experience from academia (Purdue University, Monell Chemical Senses Center) and industry (Johnson & Johnson, Mars Chocolate) in R&D of innovation technologies and methodologies for consumer research. As VP of Research and Innovation at HCD Research, Michelle focuses on integrating applied consumer neuroscience tools with traditional methods used to measure consumer response.


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