Colloquium 2020 Presentations

Spring Colloquium 2020 Presentations

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Morning Session: The ABC’s of AI and Big Data
Big Data Basics: An Introduction – Joel Mainland, PhD, Associate Member, Monell
Knowledge Management – John Ennis, PhD, President, Aigora
What is “Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning” and Why Should I Care? – Alex Wiltschko, PhD, Research Scientist, Google Inc.
The Pyrfume Project – Organizing Odorant-linked Olfactory Data for Open Research – Rick Gerkin, PhD, Associate Research Professor, Arizona State University
How to Build a Sensory Dataset for Machine Learning – Emily Mayhew, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Monell
Accessible Artificial Intelligence for Sensory Research – Jason Moore, PhD, Director, Institute of Biomedical Informatics, University of Pennsylvania

Afternoon Session: Applications
The Machinery of Odor Detection: A Computational Microscope Focused on the Sense of Smell – Claire A. de March, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Duke University
Using Molecular Profiles to Diagnose Disease – Bruce Kimball, PhD, Member, Monell and Nicholas Beauchamp, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Northeastern University
Revisiting the National Geographic Data as a Training Ground for Big Data Scientists – Monell R-Club
Assessing the Relationship Between Ambient Air Pollution and Olfactory Function: Revisiting the 1986 National Geographic Smell Survey – Vicente Ramirez, PhD Student, Public Health, University of California Merced
Personal Differences in Sensory Experience and Human Health – Danielle Reed, PhD, Associate Director and Member, Monell
Panel Discussion – Getting Started: Questions, Tools, and Considerations – Moderator: Clare Thorp, PhD, Senior Vice President, North America, Creme Global


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