Colloquium 2021 Presentations

Spring Colloquium 2021 Presentations

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March 24th: Gut Health and Gut-Brain Communication: Chemosensory Perspective

  • Taste Signaling Proteins in Regulation of Gut Inflammation – Hong Wang, PhD, Associate Member, Monell
  • Immune Cells, Microbiota, and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases – Sangwon Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor, Jefferson University
  • Type 2 Mucosal Immunity – Peihua Jiang, PhD, Associate Member, Monell
  • Gut-Brain Signaling Pathways Underlying Feeding Behavior– Amber Alhadeff, PhD, Assistant Member, Monell
  • Day 1 Discussion – All Speakers, Moderator: Hong Wang

March 25: Smell, Emotion, Motivated Behavior, and Cognition: Sense or Sensationalism?

  • Sleeping and Smelling to Remember (or Forget) – Jay Gottfried, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania
  • How Do We, and the Brain, Approach Odor Valence? – Johan Lundström, PhD, Associate Member, Monell
  • Odor Effects on Behavior and Physiology: New Insight into Underlying Mechanisms – Luis Saraiva, PhD, Adjunct Associate Member, Monell
  • The Nose Knows: Olfactory Influences on Eating Behavior and Food Navigation – Sanne Boesveldt, PhD, Associate Professor, Wageningen University
  • Day 2 Discussion – All Speakers, Moderator: Pamela Dalton


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