Elizabeth Hamel

Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Fellow, Monell Chemical Senses Center


MS, Psychobiology, Florida State University
PhD, Neuroscience, Florida State University

Laboratory Of

Dr. Joel D. Mainland

Research Summary

My research interests lie at the interface of olfaction and gustation. Both chemical senses on their own can provide essential information in regard to nutritious food sources and/or potential toxins. Flavor perception is derived from the integration of both senses, in combination with somatosensory input. However, despite extensive research, our understanding of the mechanisms behind these sensory interactions remains uncertain. Further knowledge of the individual senses may increase our overall understanding of flavor processing. My current research is focused in olfaction and aims to compare the perceptual similarities of a common set of odors across mice and humans. My goal is to develop a model that predicts mouse perceptual similarity ratings from human perceptual similarity ratings.


psychophysics, behavioral analysis, olfaction, gustation, and neuroscience.