Fernanda Ocampos

Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Fellow, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Federal University of Paraná

Laboratory Of

Dr. Joel Mainland

Research Summary

My interests are natural products, chemical ecology, and metabolomics. I am trained in spectroscopic techniques including NMR and other modern analytical tools, such as LC-SPE-NMR, HR-MAS NMR, and high-resolution MS. My recent works are on the metabolomics of biofluids and plants as well as NMR characterization of complex mixtures.

My interest in scents, volatiles, and essential oils brought me to Monell where I am examining how odor character changes with concentration. Although most odor atlases describe the odor character of a given molecule using a single description, odor character can change across intensities. Without a quantitative “odor space,” it is difficult to develop general rules describing how perception shifts with changes in intensity. To develop such rules, we are using trained human panels to measure odor character and building models to predict how much odor perception shifts, and how it changes in odor quality, as intensity changes.


olfaction, chemical ecology, metabolomics, analytical chemistry, odor intensity, odor character

Representative Publications

Brunetto, Marcio Antonio; Ruberti, Bruna; Halfen, Doris Pereira; Caragelasco, Douglas Segalla; Vendramini, Thiago Henrique Annibale; Pedrinelli, Vivian; Macedo, Henrique Tobaro; Jeremias, Juliana Toloi; Pontieri, Cristiana Fonseca Ferreira; Ocampos, Fernanda Maria Marins; Colnago, Luis Alberto; Kogika, Marcia Mery. Healthy and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Dogs Have Differences in Serum Metabolomics and Renal Diet May Have Slowed Disease Progression. Metabolites. v.11, p.782, 2021.

Vendramini, Thiago H. A.; Macedo, Henrique T.; Zafalon, Rafael V. A.; Macegoza, Matheus V.; Pedrinelli, Vivian; Risolia, Larissa W.; Ocampos, Fernanda M. M.; Jeremias, Juliana T.; Pontieri, Cristiana F. F.; Ferriolli, Eduardo; Colnago, Luiz A.; Brunetto, Marcio A. Serum metabolomics analysis reveals that weight loss in obese dogs’ results in a similar metabolic profile to dogs in ideal body condition. Metabolomics. v. 17, p. 1, 2021.

Ocampos, Fernanda Maria Marins; De Souza, Ana Julia Borim; Antar, Guilherme Medeiros; Wouters, Felipe Christoff; Colnago, Luiz Alberto. Phytotoxicity of Schiekia timida Seed Extracts, a Mixture of Phenylphenalenones. Molecules, v. 26, p. 4197, 2021.

Ocampos, F. M. M.; Menezes, L. R. A.; Dutra, L. M.; Santos, M. F. C.; Ali, S.; Barison, (2017) NMR in Chemical Ecology: An Overview Highlighting the Main NMR Approaches. eMagRes. 1ed.: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., v. 6, p. 325-342.

Ocampos, F. M. M.; Paetz, C.; Antar, G. M.; Menezes, R. C.; Miguel, O. G.; Schneider, B. (2017). Phytochemical profile of Schiekia orinocensis (Haemodoraceae). Phytochemistry Letters, v. 21, p. 139-145.

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