For Fiscal Year 2021-2022

The Center receives a diverse stream of income that includes government research grants, industry partnerships, and philanthropic support from foundations and individuals. This mixture of revenue not only fuels Monell’s growth but also helps stabilize the Center’s finances.

The Monell Chemical Senses Center continues to grow with spending increasing by $1.8 million over last year with 60 percent of that increase coming from research. A large part of the growth is represented by the contributions of several of our newest scientists – an indication of where the Center is headed in the next few years.

Monell wants to make special mention of two long-time benefactors:

  • Dr. Louise Slade was a friend and Board member for many years and when she passed in the fall of 2021, she left a very generous endowment to the Center. That endowment is helping to guarantee Monell’s sustainability into the future.
  • The Ambrose Monell Foundation provided the Center with a five-year $26 million grant to assist in recruiting new scientists, improving Monell’s laboratories and facilities, and opening up new avenues of business development. New faculty supported by the grant have already started making their mark and the groundwork is being laid for an exciting transformation of the physical space.

The Center is deeply grateful for these and all gifts provided to enable it to improve health through research in the chemistry of taste and smell.