Gary K. Beauchamp Endowed Chair

The Gary K. Beauchamp Chair is a centerpiece of Monell’s strategic plan, which calls for developing outstanding faculty to further the Center’s four research aims. The honor and keystone support that comes from this named chair will seed a body of research that will leverage support from federal and other external funds.

On this page you can:

  • Make your own contribution to the Gary K. Beauchamp Endowed Chair.
  • View the names of donors whom we gratefully recognize (as of December 31, 2022) for collectively giving over $1,500,000 to establish the Gary K. Beauchamp Endowed Chair.

More Information: Jenifer Trachtman,, 267-519-4715.

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Donors to the Gary K. Beauchamp Endowed Chair

The Estate of Louise Slade

Richard L. Berkman
Robert F. Margolskee

Stephen R. Manheimer
Dwight R. Riskey

Beauchamp Family
Zensho Holdings Co. Ltd.

James J. Albrecht
Susan W. Catherwood
Paul Herzan
Philip S. Johnson
David and Kathy Macnair

MAI Capital Management
Maurizio J. Morello
Gail Seygal
Judith Wellington

Todd Abraham
Robert Bedoukian, Bedoukian Research
Larry Clark
Al Clausi
Noam Cohen
Beverly Cowart
Robert Eilerman
Kevin Foskett
Barry Green
Robert W. Harkins

Deborah Hayes
Jane Henney
Bruce Kimball
Jane Leland and Richard Fisher
Harry Levine
Gail and William J. Ludlum
Shawn Marcell
Harold McGee
Julie Mennella
Claire Murphy
Hajime Nagai
Kumiko Ninomiya

Yuzo Ninomiya
Charles Peterson
Edmund A. Pribitkin
Nancy E. Rawson
Danielle Reed
Gary Schwartz
Kumiko Sugimoto
Kunio Torii
Jenifer Trachtman
Tomoko Yamazaki
Yoshiko Yokomukai-Wada

Arthur and Carolyn Asbury
Carlos Barroso
Craig Beauchamp
Mary Bertino
Lyn Buchheit
Robert H. Cagan
Sue Coldwell
Alfred Goossens
Pauline Halpern
Yukako Hayashi
Toshifumi Imada
Shusuke Iwata
William Jacobs, Jr.
Peihua Jiang
Paule Joseph
John Kauer

Eiichiro Kimura
Akihiko Kitamura
Tohru Koda
Michio Komai
Donna Kupniewski
John N. Labows
Joel Mainland
Charles H. Manley
Ichiro Matsumoto
Richard Mattes
David Jason Mela
Takenori Miyamoto
Yuko Murata
Tadashi Nakamura
Tetsuya Okura
Lee O’Neill

Kazumi Osada
Valentina Parma
Cristian A. Perez
Allen Puchalski
Virginia Stallings
Leslie Stein
Shingo Takai
Makoto Tominaga
Kazushige Touhara
Mr. and Mrs. John K.T. Tran
Yoshikazu Ueno
Thomas Venanzi
Hong Wang
Ira Warder
Alyssa Wofford
Yali Zhang