This May, Dr. Gary Beauchamp was joined by experts and pioneers -- his collaborators, colleagues, and trainees -- from all over the world of taste and smell science. They gathered in Philadelphia as Monell Chemical Senses Center celebrates 50 years of Dr. Beauchamp’s prolific career and scientific contributions.

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Thursday, May 19th

David Macnair Festschrift

David Macnair

The Monell Center
Mars Petcare

Dwight Riskey Festschrift

Dwight Riskey

The Monell Center
Riskey Business Solutions LLC

Judy Wellington Festschrift

Judy Wellington

The Monell Center
The Philadelphia Zoo
Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences

Takeshi Kimura Festschrift

Takeshi Kimura

The Monell Center
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Alan Leshner Festschrift

Alan I. Leshner

The Monell Center
American Association for the Advancement of Science

Harold McGee Festschrift

Harold McGee

Oxford Food Symposium
Robert Mondavi Institute, UC Davis

Keynote Speaker (recording unavailable)

Linda B. Buck

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2004 for her discoveries of odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system.

Dr. Buck’s keynote address is part of the Kunio Yamazaki Memorial Lectureship. The Lectureship was established to honor the memory and professional legacy of Dr. Kunio Yamazaki, one of Monell’s most eminent scientists who worked especially closely with Dr. Gary Beauchamp.

Linda B. Buck

Friday, May 20th

Amos Smith, III Festschrift

Amos B. Smith, III

The Monell Center
The University of Pennsylvania

Judith Bard Festschrift

Judith Bard

Memorial Sloan Kettering
The University of Arizona

John Glendinning Festschrift

John Glendinning

The Monell Center
Barnard College

Chuck Wysocki Festschrift

Charles Wysocki

The Monell Center

Carol Christensen Festschrift

Carol Christensen

The Monell Center

Mary Bertino Festschrift

Mary Bertino

The Monell Center
Johnson & Johnson

Beverly Cowart Festschrift

Beverly Cowart

The Monell Center

Richard Mattes Festschrift

Richard Mattes

The Monell Center
Purdue University

Barry Green Festschrift

Barry Green

The Monell Center
The John B. Pierce Laboratory

(recording unavailable)

Larry Clark Festschrift

Larry Clark

The Monell Center
USDA National Wildlife Research Center

Julie Mennella Festschrift

Julie Mennella

The Monell Center

Paul Bresline Festschrift

Paul Breslin

The Monell Center
Rutgers University

Leslie Stein Festschrift

Leslie Stein

The Monell Center

Hajime Nagai Festschrift

Hajime Nagai

The Monell Center
Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd.

Alexander Bachmanov Festschrift

Alexander Bachmanov

The Monell Center

Danielle Reed Festschrift

Danielle Reed

The Monell Center

Bruce Kimball Festschrift

Bruce Kimball

The Monell Center
USDA National Wildlife Research Center

Noam Cohen Festschrift

Noam Cohen

The Monell Center
The University of Pennsylvania

Catherine Peyrot des Gachons Festschrift

Catherine Peyrot des Gachons

The Monell Center

Gary Beauchamp Festschrift

Gary K. Beauchamp

The Monell Center
The University of Pennsylvania

Online Tributes

On May 19, we unveiled a collection of written and video remarks as part of an online festschrift for Dr. Gary K. Beauchamp. View the tributes and post your own message at monell.org/onlinefest.