Histology and Cellular Localization Core

Histology Core

The Histology Core provides training and research support in anatomy and histology of chemosensory systems. Core personnel work with researchers to develop and optimize cutting-edge techniques in histology to advance our anatomical, cellular and molecular understanding of taste, olfactory, gut, and brain systems. The Core provides centralized services such as tissue preparation and processing, sectioning, immunohistochemistry, and in situ hybridization.

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Imaging Facility

The Histology Core also houses the Imaging Facility that provides microscopy instruments for visualization of chemosensory tissues. Facility personnel provide training and assistance with experimental design, image acquisition, and data analysis.

Confocal Microscopy

  • Leica STELLARIS 5 AOBS WLL scanning confocal with Digital Lightsheet


Widefield Microscopy for Light and Fluorescence

  • Nikon Eclipse 80i upright microscope
  • Olympus IX70 inverted microscope
  • Olympus MVX10 stereo microscope

Please contact the Imaging Facility Director (see below) for more information on microscope training, use and rates.

"The Stellaris White Light Laser (WLL) system moves Monell to the forefront of confocal technology. It represents the 3rd major upgrade of the Leica confocal systems, a huge jump for Monell in terms of imaging capabilities that are now standard in the field," Dr. Karen Yee, Core Manager.

Contact Information

Johannes Reisert, PhD, Core Director
Phone: 267-519-4795

Amber Alhadeff, PhD, Imaging Facility Director
Assistant Member
Phone: 267-519-4870

Karen Yee

Karen Yee, PhD, Histology Core Manager and Technical Director of Imaging
Senior Research Associate
Phone: 267-519-4823

Hong Wang

Hong Wang, PhD, Technical Advisor
Associate Member
Phone: 267-519-4773