Ichiro Matsumoto



Associate Member, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Molecular Biology; University of Tokyo

Research Summary

My primary research interest is the coding mechanism of taste modality, specifically whether gustatory neurons are heterogeneous or homogeneous. Also, I am interested in the turnover of taste receptor cells and establishment and maintenance of peripheral gustatory wiring between taste receptor cells and gustatory neurons.


taste, development, differentiation, diversity, evolution

Representative Publications

McGinty JW, Ting HA, Billipp TE, Nadjsombati MS, Khan DM, Barrett NA, Liang HE, Matsumoto I, von Moltke J. (2020) Tuft-Cell-Derived Leukotrienes Drive Rapid Anti-helminth Immunity in the Small Intestine but Are Dispensable for Anti-protist Immunity. Immunity, 52, 528-541.e7.

Ualiyeva S, Hallen N, Kanaoka Y, Ledderose C, Matsumoto I, Junger WG, Barrett NA, Bankova LG. (2020) Airway brush cells generate cysteinyl leukotrienes through the ATP sensor P2Y2. Sci Immunol, 5, eaax7224.

Lei, W., Ren, W., Ohmoto, M., Urban, J.F., Jr., Matsumoto, I., Margolskee, R.F., Jiang,P. (2018) Activation of intestinal tuft cell-expressed Sucnr1 triggers type 2 immunity in the mouse small intestine. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA., 115, 5552-5557.

Ma, Z., Taruno, A., Ohmoto, M., Jyotaki, M., Lim, J.C., Miyazaki, H., Niisato, N., Marunaka, Y., Lee, R.J., Hoff, H., Payne, R., Demuro, A., Parker, I., Mitchell, C.H., Henao-Mejia, J., Tanis, J.E., Matsumoto, I., Tordoff, M.G., Foskett, J.K. (2018) CALHM3 is essential for rapid ion channel-mediated purinergic neurotransmission of GPCR-mediated tastes. Neuron, 98, 547-561.

Lemons, K., Fu, Z., Aoude, I., Ogura, T., Sun, J., Chang, J., Mbonu, K., Matsumoto, I., Arakawa, H., Lin, W. (2017) Lack of TRPM5-expressing microvillous cells in mouse main olfactory epithelium leads to impaired odor-evoked responses and olfactory-guided behavior in a challenging chemical environment. eNeuro, 4, ENEURO.0135-17.2017.

Ohmoto, M., Ren, W., Nishiguchi, Y., Hirota, J., Jiang, P., Matsumoto, I. (2017) Genetic lineage tracing in taste tissues using Sox2-CreERT2 strain. Chem Senses, 42, 547-552.

Ichiro Matsumoto

Contact Information

(267) 519-4778