Linda J. Flammer

Senior Research Associate


Senior Research Associate, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Psychology, Temple University

Laboratory Of

Dr. Paul Breslin

Research Summary

My primary research interest is in creating a better understanding of the interrelationships among the sensorial, cognitive, metabolic, and genetic influences on eating and drinking. I am particularly interested in sweetness and bitterness perceptions and discovering ways to modulate them. Further, having started my career at Monell investigating chemesthesis, the topic is still near and dear, especially mouthfeel.

The goal of my research is to help stem the global obesity epidemic by enabling the creation of healthier foods and beverages without compromising on their palatability. Finally, this work also identifies solutions to make bitter medicines more palatable, with the hope of increasing patient compliance, especially among children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.


sensory science, sweet taste, bitter taste, chemesthesis, psychophysics, food choice

Representative Publications

Breslin PAS, Izumi A, Tharp A, Ohkuri T, Yokoo Y, Flammer LJ, Rawson NE, and Margolskee RF (2021) Evidence that human oral glucose detection involves a sweet taste pathway and a glucose transporter pathway. PLoS ONE 16(10): e0256989.

Erik Schwiebert, Yi Wang, Ranhui Xi, Katarzyna Choma, John Streiff, Linda J. Flammer, Natasha Rivers, Mehmet Hakan Ozdener, Robert F. Margolskee, Carol M. Christensen, Nancy E. Rawson, Peihua Jiang and Paul A. S. Breslin (2021) 6-Methylflavone blocks bitterness of tenofovir. Molecular Pharmacology 99 (5) 319-327;

Wise, P. M., Nattress, L., Flammer, L. J., and Beauchamp, G. K. (2016). Reduced dietary intake of simple sugars alters perceived sweet taste intensity but not perceived pleasantness. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 103(1), 50-60.

Maria G. Veldhuizen, Danielle J. Nachtigal, Linda J. Flammer, Ivan E. de Araujo, Dana M. Small (2013) Verbal descriptors influence hypothalamic response to low-calorie drinks. Molecular Metabolism, 2 (3) 270-280;

Linda Flammer

Contact Information

(267) 519-4781