Mackenzie Hannum

Postdoctoral Fellow


Postdoctoral Fellow, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, The Ohio State University

Laboratory Of

Dr. Danielle Reed

Research Summary

My research interest lies at the intersection of understanding how and why people perceive taste and smell the way they do. There is a physiological component to perception, driven by different mechanisms and structures, but there is also a psychological component that can be heavily influenced by past and current experiences. In trying to better understand the interplay between the two on an individualized level, I am interested in employing novel methodologies and data analytical techniques using R to capture this information. This has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic as I have focused my research on adapting and designing new methodologies through highly collaborative projects to assess and measure smell loss across the country in COVID-19 positive patients. Click here for a real-time COVID-19 Smell Loss tracker. Please be patient – the page takes a moment to load.


olfaction, taste, psychophysics, genetics, behavioral analysis, methodological development

Representative Publications

Hannum ME, Ramirez VA, Lipson SJ, Herriman RD, Toskala AK, Lin C, Joseph PV, Reed DR. (2020). Objective sensory testing methods reveal a higher prevalence of olfactory loss in COVID-19 positive patients compared to subjective methods: A systematic review and meta-analysis. medRxiv 2020:2020.07.04.20145870.

Hannum ME, Forzley S, Popper R, Simons CT. (2020) Further Validation of the Engagement Questionnaire (EQ): Do immersive technologies actually increase consumer engagement with the task? Food Qual Pref. Volume 85.

Hannum ME, Simons CT. (2020). Development of the engagement questionnaire (EQ): A tool to measure panelist engagement during sensory and consumer evaluations. Food Qual Prefer. Volume 81.

Hannum M, Forzley S, Popper R, Simons CT. (2019). Does environment matter? Assessments of wine in traditional booths compared to an immersive and actual wine bar. Food Qual Prefer. 76, 100-108.

Hannum M, Stegman MA, Fryer JA, Simons CT. (2018). Different Olfactory Percepts Evoked by Orthonasal and Retronasal Odorant Delivery. Chem Senses, 43, 515-521,

Mackenzie Hannum

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