Marcia Pelchat

Emeritus Faculty


Associate Member Emerita, Monell Chemical Senses Center


Ph.D., Physiological Psychology; University of Pennsylvania

Research Summary

Development and modification of food preferences in humans: Specific areas of interest include methods of increasing acceptance of novel foods, mechanisms and measurement of food cravings, the effects of chemosensory (gustation, olfaction, and chemesthesis) loss on food preferences in the elderly, picky eating in adults, addiction, obesity, sensory methods.


aging, obesity, craving, human, picky eating, gustation, olfaction, food selection, brain imaging, psychophysics

Representative Publications

Alonso-Alonso, M.; Woods, S.C.; Pelchat, M.; Grigson, P.; Stice, E.; Farooqi, S.; Khoo, C.; Mattes, R.; Beauchamp, G.K. (2015). Food reward systems: current perspectives and future research needs. Nutrition Reviews, 73, 296-307.

Kauer, J.; Pelchat, M.; Rozin, P.; Zickgraf, H. (2015). Adult picky eating: Phenomenology, taste sensitivity, and psychological correlates. Appetite, 90, 219-228.

Lahne, J.; Trubek, A.B.; Pelchat, M.L. (2014) Consumer sensory perception of cheese depends on context: a study using comment analysis and linear mixed models. Food Quality and Preference, 32, 184-197.

Pelchat, M.L.; Bryant, B.; Cuomo, R.; Di Salle, F.; Fass, R.; Wise, P. (2014) Carbonation: A review of Sensory Mechanisms and Health Effects. Nutrition Today, 49, 308-312.

Coldwell, S.E.; Mennella, J.A.; Duffy, V.B.; Pelchat, M.L.; Griffith, J.W.; Smutzer, G.; Cowart, B.J.; Breslin, P.A.S.; et al. (2013) Gustation assessment using the NIH Toolbox. Neurology, 80 (SUPP), 1-5.

Marcia Pelchat

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