Monell Center’s de Lartigue Lab Receives the Single Largest Award in Scientific Publishing

Over the weekend, Monell Faculty Member Guillaume de Lartigue, attended the 2022 Europhysiology Meeting, where his lab was awarded the prize for the best Acta Physiologica paper of 2021.

Held in Copenhagen, Europhysiology 2022 is a product of the ongoing partnership between the Physiological Society, the Scandinavian Physiological Society, the German Physiological Society, and the Federation of European Physiological Societies. Postdoctoral Fellows Arashdeep Singh and Molly McDougle also attended the celebration and helped present some of the most recent data out of the de Lartigue Lab.

The $100k Acta Physiologica Award is probably the single largest in scientific publishing. This year, the award was split between the Lab of Guillaume de Lartigue and a team from the Translational Research Center for Gastrointestinal Disorders in Leuven, Belgium. The award-winning paper by de Lartigue, McDougle, Singh, and others can be accessed here.

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