Monell Newsletter: COVID-19 & Loss of Smell or Taste

  • During Isolation We Remember…. As Monellians closely monitor developments on COVID-19, we still grieve the loss of beloved scientist George Preti.
  • In the Thick of It. Monell is taking an active role in the newly formed Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research. #GCCR unites chemosensory scientists worldwide to understand reports of COVID-19 chemosensory issues & advance science in the chemical senses.
  • Infectious Disease Experts in our Midst: A Q&A with Bruce Kimball. We recently had an email chat with chemical ecologist Bruce Kimball, who recently joined Monell full-time after years of working jointly for the USDA and Monell. We asked about how his work dovetails with the COVID-19 pandemic and other infections.

Download the full Newsletter here.