Monell Newsletter: Flies Teaching Us About Sourness, Insulin’s Role in Our Noses, and More!

  • Sweet-Tooth Genetics: Intricacies of the Pathway of Sweet Taste from the Tongue to the Brain
  • News on Sour Taste: A Tug-of-War Between Acid Sensitive Cells
  • Developing SCENTinel, Monell’s Rapid Smell Test
  • An Extra Virgin Olive Oil Surprise: Can Olive Oil Be Consumed Without Its Bitterness and Stringing Sensation?
  • New Role for Insulin? Monell scientists show that insulin is critical for the maturation of olfactory neurons.
  • Welcome our 40th MSAP Class! Alums, email kkreeger@monell to take part in our celebration.
  • #SavetheDate September 14, 2021 is the first Global Smell and Taste Day!

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