Monell Newsletter: Tasty Big Data + We Are Growing!

  • Big Data Says Food Is Too Sweet. New research from the Monell Center analyzed nearly 400,000 food reviews posted by Amazon customers to gain real-world insight into the food choices that people make. The findings reveal that many people find the foods in today’s marketplace to be too sweet.
  • Amber Alhadeff Joins Monell. Behavioral neurobiologist Amber Alhadeff’s research focuses on how signals from the gut influence our feelings of hunger. A significant addition to the Center’s Sensory Nutrition Program, her lab opens in January.
  • Reduce Sodium, Improve Health. Salt is very tasty, but too much sodium can harm our health. Learn more about how Monell’s research into salty taste has benefited public health through better understanding of our taste preferences.
  • Nancy Rawson Named Monell VP. Nancy Rawson has been appointed Vice President of the Center. A highly accomplished scientist and leader who has served as Associate Director of Monell since 2016, Rawson will work closely with Director and President Robert Margolskee on implementing a new strategic plan to guide Monell’s future.
  • Kevin Foskett Joins Board of Directors. Monell is pleased to welcome Kevin Foskett to the Center’s Board of Directors. Foskett, the Isaac Ott Professor of Physiology at UPenn’s Perelman School of Medicine, first became involved with Monell as a collaborator about 10 years ago.
  • Meet the Postdocs: Part 3. We managed to persuade two more postdocs, Molly Spencer and Genevieve Bell, to put down their work for a few minutes to talk with us about everything from their research to their favorite food to Philadelphia’s winter weather.

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