Monell Newsletter: Twins, Worms, Sugar, and more!

  • World Taste and Smell Day. Join us and spread the word!
  • Of Worms, the Sense of Taste, and World Health: the latest from the Jiang Lab
  • In It for the Long Haul: What can chemesthesis tell us about COVID-19?
  • Meet Monell’s Postdocs: Q&As with Postdocs Alissa Smethers and Emily Mayhew
  • Researching Smell at a Festival for Twins, a photo essay
  • Welcome to Monell. Meet Valentina Parma, PhD, Angela Nwaneri, Esq, and Paul Herzan
  • Sense-Sational Science Award, and Over 40 Years of Mentorship. What our Science Apprenticeship Program means to students and mentors alike?

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