Monell Scientists Join Global Consortium in Rapid Response to COVID-19

People with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 urged to participate in survey on smell and taste loss

PHILADELPHIA (April 7, 2020) – Following a wave of reports from patients and clinicians about rapid onset smell loss, health organizations throughout the world have recognized anosmia, and possibly ageusia, are potential markers for COVID-19, even in the absence of other symptoms. They have united to form the Global Consortium of Chemosensory Researchers (GCCR) to investigate the connection between the chemical senses and COVID-19.

The Monell Chemical Senses Center, a Philadelphia-based independent research organization for studying chemosensory science, is part of this group of more than 500 clinicians, neurobiologists, data scientists, cognitive scientists, sensory researchers, and technicians from 38 countries. The GCCR will use data collected in a worldwide survey to unravel how the virus is transmitted and how to prevent its spread. The survey will be translated into more than 20 languages and is freely available to individuals and clinicians.

Monell Associate Director Danielle Reed, PhD is on the nine-person GCCR international leadership team and urges anyone with confirmed or presumed COVID-19 in the few past weeks to complete the survey using this link.

The genesis of GCCR in March 2020 came about to answer fundamental questions:

  • How prevalent is smell loss during COVID-19?
  • Is COVID-19-related smell loss more common or profound compared to smell loss due to other viral or respiratory illnesses?
  • Might the self-reported ability to smell in respondents with COVID-19 be different compared to respondents without illness or those with other viral or respiratory illnesses?

For more information about the GCCR:
Twitter: @GCChemosensoryR

The Global Consortium of Chemosensory Researchers (GCCR) leadership team includes:
John Hayes, PhD, Penn State, USA
Thomas Hummel, MD, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Chrissi Kelly, Founder,, UK
Steve Munger, PhD, University of Florida, USA
Masha Niv, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Kathrin Ohla, PhD, Research Center Jülich, Germany
Valentina Parma, PhD, Temple University, USA
Danielle Reed, PhD, Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA
Maria Veldhuizen, PhD, Mersin University, Turkey

The Global Consortium of Chemosensory researchers is a group of transdisciplinary scientists, clinicians, and patient advocates founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 500 members in close to 40 countries, the GCCR will harness their reach to conduct and analyze worldwide evidence-based information to combat the spread of COVID-19.