Perfumer & Flavorist: Monell Hosts Towards Universal Chemosensory Testing Conference

Monell Chemical Senses Center alonsgide colleagues from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Ohio State University and the University of Florida is set to host Towards Universal Chemosensory Testing event both in-person and virtually on November 5-7, 2023. The overarching goal to involve multiple stakeholders to develop strategies for implementing routine chemosensory testing–smell, taste, and related senses–across the lifespan as a part of healthcare in the United States. The hybrid event takes place in Philadelphia.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought smell and taste dysfunction to the attention of the world,” said conference lead organizer, Valentina Parma, Ph.D., Monell Assistant Director and Assistant Member. “Despite the significant role of these senses in signaling disease, as well as safety, emotional connection, and quality of life, the diagnosis of chemosensory disorders is far from accessible for most patients or routinely implemented by most healthcare providers.”

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