Philadelphia Magazine: How One Philly Institute Is Demystifying the Serious Science of Smells

I hate fish. All fish. Yes, even crab. Yes, shrimp, too. (Actually, especially shrimp. Why do fish lovers always ask, “Even shrimp?”) Flounder. Salmon. I HATE FISH — get it? And I’m the only one. In all my big, happy family, only I don’t salivate at a platter of mussels. Only I don’t get excited about calamari. Only I don’t live for our annual two weeks in Wildwood, when we go deep-sea fishing and eat out at the Crab Trap and get big sacks of takeout clams and oysters and generally exist in a miasma of piscine salt air.

“Trimethylamine,” Danielle Reed says knowingly. And just like that, what made growing up in my fish-loving family such misery for me has a name.

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