Program Highlights

The 2020 Science Apprenticeship Program provided an exciting and challenging summer for our aspiring young scientists, especially because their entire experience and research was conducted virtually.

Nevertheless, they came away with new ideas on research and careers in science. Please look below for videos of some of our guest speakers and an inspiring talk by Monell Summer Apprenticeship Program (MSAP) alum Shadrack Frimpong. He shares stories with the 2020 class of the all-virtual MSAP session about his journey from Ghana to Yale. Please return to this space throughout the autumn for more stories about our virtual MSAP activities during the summer of 2020.

Report to the Community

Read more about the 2020 MSAP program in our Report to the Community.

Monell Science Apprenticeship Program Summer 2020

Click above to read the report, or download the PDF here.

Capstone Symposium

At the end of the summer, students work with their mentors to develop high quality and technical posters detailing the hypotheses tested, as well as the methods and results obtained from their summer research projects. The students present their research findings to the scientists at the Monell Center and to their invited family and friends.

Monell Summer Apprenticeship Program (MSAP) alum Shadrack Frimpong shares stories with the 2020 class of the all-virtual MSAP session about his journey from Ghana to Yale, with stops at Monell and Buckingham Palace along the way. Introduction by MSAP director, Paul Breslin, PhD, Monell Chemical Senses Center Member and a Professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers University.

Lecture Series

A popular lecture series has been part of the program for the past few years. This year, scientists from local institutions were invited to talk about their careers in a variety of scientific fields. These presentations gave the students an opportunity to experience the professional presentation style of scientists at the Ph.D. level, while illustrating the diverse career paths available within the sciences.

In this public talk, Janelle Wellons, an Instrument Operations Engineer, speaks to the 2020 virtual MSAP class this past summer about careers and diversity in science. @ItsJanellie