The Washington Post: Does this train station smell like … grapefruit? How the air around us suddenly became so fragrant

In 2007, when Spence Levy started selling air — air that smelled good, to be specific — it wasn’t exactly easy.

So Levy trekked along Miami Beach’s famed Collins Avenue, visiting one sprawling white deco hotel after another, asking whether he could pump the scent of green tea, perhaps with a bit of lemongrass, or maybe bergamot or oud, into the lobbies for a week, no charge.

Miami Beach is packed with these old buildings, and with pools and wet towels, and smokers, because it is libertine about lighting up, even in bars and on beaches. The air can be mildewy and it can be stale, and all of this wafts, along with the occasional whisper of hot trash, directly into the faces of tourists.

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