This Newsletter is Sweet, Yet a Little Sour

  • The Complicated World of Smell: fascinating and puzzling findings from the Mainland Lab.
  • Finding a Sweet Spot in Flavor, Food Research, how Dr. May Cheung is helping improve the research methods of nutritionists and food scientists.
  • Sour: The Approach-Avoid Taste.
  • The True Prevalence of COVID-19 Taste Loss: About 4 in every 10 COVID-19 patients!
  • Anosmia Awareness Day: STANA, Monell, and allies worked together to spread awareness and encourage research.
  • In Celebration of Fragrance, the Fragrance Foundation gave Monell a starring role on Fragrance Day.
  • #HappeningInPhilly – Monell at the Everyday Futures Fest Block Party.

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