Training is a way of life at Monell. Students and scientists interested in chemosensory research find the Center to be an outstanding resource for learning. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scientists — more than 400 since Monell’s inception — have come from more than 20 countries to work and learn at Monell.

Visiting Scientists

Senior-level investigators, many on sabbatical leave from academic positions, come to Monell to collaborate with the Center’s faculty, learn new skills, or both. In addition, the Center’s corporate partners often send senior and junior scientists to Monell for specialized training and collaborative research opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellows

Monell’s strong postdoctoral program attracts early-career scientists from a wide range of disciplines. Approximately 15 post-doctoral fellows, many of whom have no previous formal training in the chemical senses, are trained at the Center each year. Monell’s interdisciplinary approach is a central aspect of the postdoctoral training program. See our postdoctoral training page for more information.

Graduate Study

Through cooperative arrangements, talented doctoral candidates can complete course work at the degree-granting institutions and carry out thesis and dissertation research at Monell.

Undergraduate Experience

Undergraduates from local universities may conduct their Honors Theses under the direction of Monell scientists. During the summer, college students apprentice or volunteer their services at Monell to gain valuable laboratory experience in the chemical senses.

Secondary Education

Monell’s Science Apprenticeship Program brings a carefully selected group of students, many from under-resourced communities, to the Center each summer. At the heart of the program is an intensive 8-week internship that allows students to participate in structured research experiences, as well as in a number of enrichment activities.

Members of Monell’s staff also participate in local and international science fairs, serve as consultants to publishers of scientific educational materials, and help teachers develop new areas of classroom study.


Monell’s scientists teach courses in the chemical senses to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in several departments and schools of the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, Thomas Jefferson University, and other local colleges and universities. Members of the Center’s staff also lecture and offer programs to industrial, professional, and community groups.

Seminars and Conferences

An annual seminar series for staff and members of the academic community features presentations by specialists in the chemical senses and related fields. Monell also hosts conferences and workshops attended by scientists from throughout the world. These meetings frequently combine the perspectives of basic research, application, and translation. See our Events page for upcoming presentations.

Interested in Learning More?

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