USA Today: ‘Life-Altering:’ as Millions Cope With Smell Loss From COVID-19, Researchers Find New Explanations and Possible Treatments

Elizabeth Byland has trouble stomaching chicken these days, because it smells to her like poop. Cauliflower tastes like metal and carrots like soap.

“I’ve got a dog that smells like orange slices,” she said.

It’s an improvement from last summer when the Richmond, Virginia, resident caught COVID-19 and couldn’t smell or taste anything from July until after Thanksgiving.

“It’s really life-altering,” said Byland, 34. “It feels like I’ve lost a piece of my identity.”

As the pandemic continues, more information is accumulating about the loss of smell that afflicts as many as 70% to 80% of people who catch COVID-19 and seems particularly common among those with mild disease…

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