Well+Good: Lost Your Sense of Smell From COVID-19? Experts Recommend These 5 Tips To Make Eating More Enjoyable

Besides a persistent dry cough, one of the tell-tale signs of COVID-19 is a lost sense of smell. (Cue the TikTok of one woman realizing she contracted the virus after not being able to taste her sweet Starbucks drinkā€”the shock is palpable!)

It doesn’t happen to everyone who contracts the virus (one study found that 41 percent of people with COVID-19 lost their sense of smell) and the timeframe of how long it can last varies. Infectious disease specialists are still trying to figure out how the virus can lead to sensory loss in the first place. According to Harvard Health, one theory is that the virus damages sustentacular cells, a type of cell that helps assist olfactory neurons.

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