What Inspires You?

Inspired to give? Here are a few ways that your gift can change lives and improve health.

Greatest Need

Help Monell do what it does best – advance discovery and improve health outcomes. Donations to the greatest need give Monell’s scientists the freedom to pursue promising findings and experiment with innovative ideas.

Monell Science Apprenticeship Program

For decades, the Monell Science Apprenticeship Program (MSAP) has provided opportunities to high school and college students — most of whom from groups underrepresented in the sciences — to participate in hands-on scientific bench research.

Smell for Life

Since COVID-19, the world is more aware of the phenomenon called anosmia (loss of smell). Smell loss can be a life-altering condition. With your help, restoring the sense of smell — and its power and potential — is within our grasp.

Kare Fund

Honor the vision of Monell’s founder and first director, Dr. Morley Kare, by supporting a promising young scientist. Your gift will provide funding for junior faculty and postdoctoral fellows as they establish their research programs at Monell.

Become a Corporate Partner

Corporate partnerships are an integral part of Monell’s scientific and educational programs. Companies from around the world sponsor Monell’s research efforts through annual unrestricted gifts. To learn more, visit Monell’s Corporate Partnership page.

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