Why Support Monell

Monell touches lives in many ways.

Here are a few reasons to support Monell, the only freestanding institute dedicated to the scientific understanding of taste and smell.

Meet Marj

She does not have a sense of smell. She was unaware when she had a major gas leak in her kitchen. Gifts for smell loss research help us get closer to treatments for Marj and thousands of others worldwide who lose the ability to smell from head injury, aging, and respiratory infection — including COVID-19.

Meet Tahlia

She is a Philadelphia public school student and Monell Science Apprentice. Monell’s apprenticeship program is focused on high school and college students from groups underrepresented in scientific fields. With your support, the program provides hands-on bench science opportunities under the mentorship of a seasoned scientist. Your gift of $4,000 will sponsor a student summer apprentice like Tahlia.


Honor George

In February, 2020, Monell lost a legend in George Preti, best known for his work on the chemistry of human body odors. He sought early diagnostic tools for hidden diseases such as ovarian cancer and was an ambassador to patient communities. Your contribution to support the Preti Core will bring George’s foundational research capabilities in analytical chemistry to all at Monell.

Seed Solutions

In this video, Dr. Danielle Reed explains why your doctor may be giving you a simple taste test at your next visit. When you support Monell you are helping scientists like Dani do what they do best – find concrete scientific solutions to medical challenges. Your gift provides the essential flexibility needed to open new doors to health and well-being.